Youth Form


Idea Express

Young people need opportunities to display their talents:
We point out what we believe the youths have—ideas. However, there must be a match between their ideas and access to innovations. Young people need a platform that allows them to express their talents for the global market out there. 
We provide Platform: Policies that allow young people to demonstrate their talents and a supportive environment that tells them all the time that they can do it, that there is this market. A pipeline they can use to access that market. To make batter India.
Once the government sets policies that allow you to take an idea, channel it through some area and through that area that idea hits this huge market, it’s done. The revenue flows back to the young person somewhere in Chhattisgarh and India. 

Young people need not come to the West to demonstrate their talents. And that’s exciting, because we get to keep our young people on the continent. But we need to give them the tools to export what they have and earn . That is our challenge. So we are creating an entrepreneurship platform that connects them to the rest of the world.