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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Youth Commission for the purpose of evolving and implementing programmes for educating and empowering the youths and to function as protector of the rights of youths and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Our Vision 

          To buildup self sustainable youth through empowerment and facilitating them.Vision of the organization focuses on developing long term strategies for good citizenship and youth leadership at the grass root level. Youth Clubs are formed and encouraged to participate in sports, cultural and local development activities. Youth leadership is developed in the course of formation and sustenance of youth clubs. This leadership becomes highly useful in creating:-

Networks of volunteership.

Oppurtunities of participation in fundamental democratic practices of polity and development; and,
Instruments of empowerment of youth like skill-generation, awareness creation about health, life skills, and self employment.
Considering the fact that almost three-fourth of the Indian population is rural, the development of the nation as a whole depends on their progress and development. Besides, the demographic dividend that the country has enjoyed because of the larger segment of youth population, makes it almost mandatory for the largest youth organization like Chhattisgarh State Youth Commission to take up more and more of such programmes as will promise empowerment of youth.